Brick Veneers

Crafted from natural clay, the variety and richness of colors make our brick veneers the ideal materials for any home decos (both interior and exterior designs). All you need is imagination, and you can create endless combinations in your own style. Below are the distinctive features of our brick veneers:

  • Timeless Beauty: the natural color is uniquely attractive, everlasting and mellows with time
  • Durable: able to withstand any adverse weather conditions from searing heat to bitter cold, they are one of the most enduring building materials ever known
  • Maintenance Free: brick veneer never rots, fades, warps, dents, or tears; never needs to be painted and does not burn. It is maintenance free, so you do not have to do anything to keep it looking beautiful
  • Energy Efficient: they render excellent thermal insulation and works like a layer of insulating plaster
  • Quiet: their excellent sound absorbent property bring tranquility and a sense of security to your homes
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Smooth Face Sliced Brick Veneer

Live in with the fascinating charm of natural colors and exquisite styles

Our Smooth Face Sliced Brick Veneers are made to a thickness of 10 mm for easy installation. They can adhere to any masonry surface without additional reinforcement.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x 10 (H) mm
Weight 0.29 kg/pc
4sf139-02 4SF139-02 (View)
4sf139-15 4SF139-15 (View)
4sf139-16 4SF139-16 (View)
4sf139-16s 4SF139-16S (View)
4sf139-40 4SF139-40
4sf139-43 4SF139-43 (View)
4sf139-49 4SF139-49 (View)
4sf139-54 4SF139-54 (View)
4sf139-67 4SF139-67 (View)
41sv139-02 41SV139-02 (View)
41sv139-02s 41SV139-02S (View)
41sv139-16 41SV139-16 (View)
41sv139-16s 41SV139-16S (View)
41sv139-43 41SV139-43 (View)
41sv139-43s 41SV139-43S (View)
41sv139-67 41SV139-67 (View)
41sv139-67s 41SV139-67S (View)

Sandblast Sliced Brick Veneer

The distinctive and weathered texture evokes he architecture of historic glory

One of the great assets of brick is its natural beauty that mellows with time. This antique feature is reproduced here with the Sandblast Brick Veneer Collection. It gives you the reminiscent of the look of a century old building yet retains the richness and authenticity of burnt clay colors in contemporary designs.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x 10 (H) mm
Weight 0.22 kg/pc
4sb139-02 4SB139-02 (View)
4sb139-15 4SB139-15 (View)
4sb139-16 4SB139-16 (View)
4sb139-16s 4SB139-16S (View)
4sb139-40 4SB139-40
4sb139-43 4SB139-43 (View)
4sb139-49 4SB139-49 (View)
4sb139-54 4SB139-54 (View)
4sb139-67 4SB139-67 (View)
41sb139-02 41SB139-02 (View)
41sb139-02s 41SB139-02S (View)
41sb139-16 41SB139-16 (View)
41sb139-16s 41SB139-16S (View)
41sb139-43 41SB139-43 (View)
41sb139-43s 41SB139-43S (View)
41sb139-67 41SB139-67 (View)
41sb139-67s 41SB139-67S (View)

Rockface Sliced Brick Veneer

Timeless beauty inspired by the rugged character of rock and stone

The soft and rugged texture of this collection gives character to any home whilst maintaining a strong, solid look. It compliments to any surroundings.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x ~22 (H) mm
Weight ~0.5 kg/pc
41rsv139-02 41RSV139-02 (View)
41rsv139-02s 41RSV139-02S (View)
41rsv139-16 41RSV139-16 (View)
41rsv139-16s 41RSV139-16S (View)
41rsv139-43 41RSV139-43 (View)
41rsv139-43s 41RSV139-43S (View)
41rsv139-67 41RSV139-67 (View)
41rsv139-67s 41RSV139-67S (View)

Rockface Sandblast Sliced Brick Veneer

Gives your home a delicate touch of the charm of old days

The craggy, and weathered texture with subtle touch gives this collection a spectrum that compliments to many designs.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x ~22 (H) mm
Weight ~0.5 kg/pc

Cobble Sliced Brick Veneer

This collection is specially crafted to highlight the features of aged brickwork

Cobble Brick Veneer has a neat eroded appearance with a subtle texture and round edges. Ranging from bold to subdued in a varity of colors, it complements to almost any architectural design, be it traditional or contemporary, home building or landscaping.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x 20 (H) mm
Weight 0.5 kg/pc
41cb139-02 41CB139-02 (View)
41cb139-02s 41CB139-02S (View)
41cb139-15 41CB139-15 (View)
41cb139-15s 41CB139-15S (View)
41cb139-16 41CB139-16 (View)
41cb139-16s 41CB139-16S (View)
41cb139-43 41CB139-43 (View)
41cb139-43s 41CB139-43S (View)
41cb139-67 41CB139-67 (View)
41cb139-67s 41CB139-67S (View)
41cbsv139-02s 41CBSV139-02S (View)
41cbsv139-15s 41CBSV139-15S (View)
41cbsv139-16s 41CBSV139-16S (View)
41cbsv139-43s 41CBSV139-43S (View)
41cbsv139-49s 41CBSV139-49S (View)
41cbsv139-67s 41CBSV139-67S (View)

L-Shape Brick Veneer

This line of new products, L-Shape Brick Veneer, provides perfect and more natural look for wall corners. To get our regular updates on our products, services, latest products' information and technical notes, feel free to contact us.

l shape veneer specifications
41SV139-02-L 41SV139-02-L
41SV139-15-L 41SV139-15-L
41SV139-43-L 41SV139-43-L
41SV139-49-L 41SV139-49-L
41SV139-67-L 41SV139-67-L
41CB139-02-L 41CB139-02-L
41CB139-15-L 41CB139-15-L
41CB139-16-L 41CB139-16-L
41CB139-43-L 41CB139-43-L
41CB139-49-L 41CB139-49-L
41CB139-67-L 41CB139-67-L
41RSV139-02-L 41RSV139-02-L
41RSV139-15-L 41RSV139-15-L
41RSV139-16-L 41RSV139-16-L
41RSV139-43-L 41RSV139-43-L

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