Facing Bricks

Our products are made of using the finest clay and under stringent quality control to achieve the highest quality and distinctive features:

  • Wide range of authentic earthy colors and textures
  • Burnt to exceedingly high temperature (1,150°C) to achieve extraordinary strength and durability
  • Low porosity to resist stain, fungus growth, and salt attack for minimum maintenance
  • Permenant color-fast to last a lifetime of satisfaction
  • Natural color & texture to allow your home to blend with the surroundings
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Smoothface Collection

Live in with the fascinating charm of natural colors and exquisite styles

Captures the authentic earthy tones and characteristics of burnt clay. The unique and natural style of this range displays some of the most delicate features of burnt clay.

It allows you to design your home to harmonize with the surroundings environment, yet endures with timeless charm and elegance.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x 67 (H) mm
Weight 2.30 kg/pc
Compressive Strength > 45 N/mm2
Water Absorption: < 10%
11SF-02 11SF-02
11SF-15 11SF-15
11SF-16 11SF-16
11SF-43 11SF-43
11SF-67 11SF-67
1SF-02 1SF-02 (View)
1SF-02S 1SF-02S
1SF-02KA 1SF-02KA (View)
1SF-02KS 1SF-02KS (View)
1SF-15 1SF-15 (View)
1SF-15K 1SF-15K
1SF-15KSS 1SF-15KSS (View)
1SF-15 1SF-16 (View)
1SF-15 1SF-16S (View)
1SF-15 1SF-16KA (View)
1SF-15 1SF-16KS (View)
1SF-40 1SF-40 (View)
1SF-40KS 1SF-40KS
1SF-40KSS 1SF-40KSS (View)
1SF-43 1SF-43 (View)
1SF-44 1SF-44
1SF-49 1SF-49 (View)
1SF-54 1SF-54 (View)
1SF-54S 1SF-54S
1SF-54K 1SF-54K
1SF-54KSS 1SF-54KSS (View)
1SF-67 1SF-67 (View)
1SF-67S 1SF-67S (View)
1SF-67KA 1SF-67KA (View)
1SF-67KS 1SF-67KS (View)
1SF-67KSS 1SF-67KSS (View)

Sandblast Collection

Brings your home a look of old charm

One of the great assets of brick is its natural beauty that mellows with time. This antique feature is reproduced here with the sandblast collection. It gives you the reminiscent of the look of a century old building, and yet retains the richness of authentic burnt clay colors

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x 67 (H) mm
Weight 2.30 kg/pc
Compressive Strength > 45 N/mm2
Water Absorption: < 10%
11SB-02 11SB-02 (View)
11SB-15 11SB-15 (View)
11SB-16 11SB-16 (View)
11SB-43 11SB-43 (View)
11SB-67 11SB-67 (View)
1SB-02 1SB-02 (View)
1SB-02S 1SB-02S
1SB-02KA 1SF-02KA (View)
1SB-15 1SB-15 (View)
1SB-15S 1SB-15S
1SB-15KS 1SB-15KS
1SB-15K 1SB-15K
1SB-16 1SB-16 (View)
1SF-15 1SB-16S
1SB-16KA 1SB-16KA (View)
1SB-16KSD 1SB-16ksd (View)
1SB-16KSS 1SB-16KSS (View)
1SB-40 1SB-40 (View)
1SB-40S 1SB-40S
1SB-43 1SB-43 (View)
1SB-44 1SB-44
1SB-49 1SB-49 (View)
1SB-54 1SB-54 (View)
1SF-54S 1SB-54S
1SB-67 1SB-67 (View)
1SB-67S 1SB-67S (View)
1SB-67KA 1SB-67KA (View)
1SB-67KS 1SB-67KS
1SB-67KSS 1SB-67KSS (View)
1SB-67KS 1SB-67KSD (View)

Rockface Collection

Timeless beauty inspired by the rugged character of rock and stone

Reproduces the original and natural beauty of the rugged look of rock. It features a unique variation of distinctive characters to satisfy your every whim and imagination in realizing your dream home.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 90 (W) x 67 (H) mm
Weight ~2.0 kg/pc
Compressive Strength > 45 N/mm2
Water Absorption: < 10%
11RF-02 11RF-02 (View)
11RF-15 11RF-15 (View)
11RF-16 11RF-16 (View)
11RF-43 11RF-43 (View)
11RF-67 11RF-67 (View)
1RF-02 1RF-02 (View)
1RF-02S 1RF-02S
1SB-02KA 1RF-02KA (View)
1SB-02KSS 1RF-02KS
1RF-15 1RF-15 (View)
1RF-15S 1RF-15S (View)
1RF-15KA 1RF-15KA
1RF-15KS 1RF-15KS
1RF-15KSS 1RF-15KSS (View)
1RF-16 1RF-16 (View)
1RF-15 1RF-16S
1RF-16KA 1RF-16KA
1RF-16KS 1RF-16ks (View)
1RF-40 1RF-40 (View)
1RF-40S 1RF-40S
1RF-40KSS 1RF-40KSS (View)
1RF-43 1RF-43
1RF-44 1RF-44
1RF-49 1RF-49 (View)
1RF-49KA 1RF-49KA
1RF-54 1RF-54 (View)
1RF-54S 1RF-54S
1RF-54KS 1RF-54KS
1RF-54KSS 1RF-54KSS (View)
1RF-67 1RF-67 (View)
1RF-67S 1RF-67S (View)
1RF-67KS 1SB-67KS (View)
1RF-67KSD 1RF-67KSD (View)

Antique Brick Collection

Image of a fencing project finished with our Antique Brick
Sample fencing project finished with our Antique Brick

Brick has much more features than what many people have in mind.

For example, one of its special features is its enduring beauty that mellows with time.

This line of new products is specially crafted to reproduce the unique features of aged brickwork.

1CB-02 ATQ1 1CB-02 ATQ1
1CB-15 ATQ1 1CB-15 ATQ1
1CB-16 ATQ1 1CB-16 ATQ1
1CB-43 ATQ1 1CB-43 ATQ1

Cobble Brick Collection

Gives your home a delicate touch of the charm of old days

This collection is specially crafted to highlight the features of aged brickwork. Cobble Brick has a neat weathered appearance with irregular texture and soft edges. Ranging from bold to subdued in a variety of colors, it complements to almost any architectural design, be it traditional or contemporary, home building or landscaping.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 215 (L) x 100 (W) x 67 (H) mm
Weight 2.30 kg/pc
Compressive Strength > 45 N/mm2
Water Absorption: < 10%
11CB-02 11CB-02 (View)
11CB-15 11CB-15 (View)
11CB-16 11CB-16 (View)
11CB-43 11CB-43 (View)
11CB-67 11CB-67 (View)
1CB-02 1CB-02 (View)
1CB-02KA 1CB-02KA(View)
1CB-15 1CB-15 (View)
1CB-15S 1CB-15S (View)
1CB-16 1CB-16 (View)
1CB-16S 1CB-16S (View)
1CB-16KA 1CB-16KA
1CB-16KS 1CB-16ks (View)
1CB-40 1CB-40 (View)
1CB-40S 1CB-40S
1CB-43 1CB-43
1CB-44 1CB-44
1CB-49 1CB-49 (View)
1CB-54 1CB-54 (View)
1CB-54S 1CB-54S
1CB-67 1CB-67 (View)
1CB-67S 1CB-67S
1CB-67KA 1CB-67KA (View)
1CB-67KS 1CB-67KS (View)

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